Solution dyed acrylic fabrics from UV Pro provides an exceptional combination of functional strength (strong and safeguard) and sensory softness (soft to the touch and easy to handle).

Strong & safeguard

Any fabric which is exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun needs to be constructed extremely well during the manufacturing process using only solution dyed acrylic yarns. UV Pro fabrics are developed with the idea and intention to be strong, durable and resilient. UV pro fabrics ensure quality and longevity for years to come.The stain and water repellent finish enhances the already high performance.
UV Pro fabrics are engineered to last several years without losing their unique properties.

Soft to the touch & easy to handle

UV Pro fabric is a highly advanced technical product resulting in a superior outdoor/indoor performance. Even with all this technology and processing UV Pro fabrics always remain soft to the touch and hand-feel year after year.
Easy care and low maintenance – the stain repellent characteristics of UV Pro fabrics result in easy care and low maintenance. This makes these fabrics a great solution for indoor use.
UV Pro fabrics are woven with increased breathability resulting in a cooler and less sweaty sitting or lying experience.